Fantasy Series: Tarenian Blood

Tarenian Blood is the primary title of my fantasy saga. I was fifteen years old, when I first began writing it, and back then I had no idea where it was going to take me. Originally I hadn’t really planned for it to become a fantasy story, let alone a series of three or more books. Actually, I believe I had intended to make it a horror novel.
The original idea came from my younger sister, Moni, who one day, when she came home from school – she was 11 then – handed me a piece of paper she had scribbled on in class. On the paper I found brief diary entries such as “I’ll kill her” and “on …64,” “in exactly … days,” “Nothing will happen to her, if no one stops or interrupts me,” “today!”, “no one knows, no one! absolutely no one,” “I did it!!!”.
The entries were dated between 4 July 1964 and 16 July 1964. And there was another page she gave me that read like this: “something happens between July 4 and July 16, 1964 (no one notices anything.) (perhaps, depends on Elli). 1965, one year later, everything is forgotten. But it is not destroyed that which caused the events in the year of 1964.
I thanked her and immediately wrote a title on her little summary: Incubus. It’s funny, I’d had that title for a while, wanting to put a story to it, but had never really set my mind on it. And here it was. The story began forming in my head, while I was writing it. I started, staying close to Moni’s idea, setting it in 1964 with some lunatic about to do something terrible and a young lady in distress.
Well that story quickly changed. The more I wrote the more my characters told me their story and I had to accept the change. My supposed horror story soon changed into a fantasy novel that grew more complicated and complex with every page I wrote. Ideas stormed into my head and I found myself ignoring any and every other story that came to my mind, to work on this one.

For some reason life caught up with me then and I stopped writing “Incubus” (the subtitle was “brood of satan” by the way). About 2-3 years later I picked it up again and an interesting subplot developed that soon became a very important part of the story and the history of my newly created world. I wrote some more and then again life caught up with me and I stopped writing.
Finally, in 2007 I returned to my story. The title changed into Tarenian Blood, and the actual story had nothing to do with my sister’s original idea anymore. It was now a fantasy novel, with no plans of becoming a series. When I finished the first draft of my book, I realized there is much more that my characters want to share with me, and started to write it down.
I had to go back to the first book several times and revise and rewrite, you know the drill. But this story still keeps me captivated today. I finished the first book in (for me then) record time and wrote the two subsequent books within two years I believe. The more I wrote the faster the ideas came flowing through my mind.
The fourth book of the series took no longer than perhaps six months to write. Now I’m on book five, which follows the life of one very prominent character of the series: Godar. He’s lived through it all, and it is his story I’m telling next, enveloped by events that take place long after book four. It is both a joy and a privilege to tell his story!

I would like to thank my sister Moni for this incredibly inspiring moment, for igniting something in me I never knew I had.

Okay, enough of that, here is a short snippet of what this story is about:

Book 1: Tarenian Blood – The Second Chance
When Rick begins to sympathize with the demon that has implanted itself inside Rick’s body and ordered him to find a girl called Celestiale, he doesn’t realize that his search will lead him to the only woman he would ever love and that the demon, acting through him, will kill her. After her death his existance hinges upon his revenge. Little does he know that he holds more than just a demon inside him. The gods of another world refer to him as Ambrada–the light bringer. A creature they created to bring balance back to their world.

When the little girl Tessa meets the rough yet nice Rick, she immediately feels drawn to him. What she doesn’t sense is the dark secret that slumbers inside her seemingly friendly companion. Only when her friend, who swore to protect her forever and from everything, turns out to harbor a dark demon Lord, doubts rise in her. Together with him she sets out to understand the strange connections to a world outside of our dimension, a world that is called Tarenien and from where a peculiar appearance sends messages to her.

Book 2: Tarenian Blood – The Return
The demon Lord Tagor is defeated and Hanyor lives a life on Earth with his new friends Ethan and Stu. However, ten years after the tragic battle on Eden Street the souls of the deceased once again invoke Hanyor’s help. In Tarenien the remaining demons have crossed their race with Tarenians, and they are being led by a hybrid of unusual intellect and incredible power. Now it is up to Hanyor and his friends to find a way back to Tarenien and save his world from the demons once again.

Book 3: Tarenian Blood – The Wrath of the Gods
Naranor and his son Shanaran have escaped. Godar, Queen Nevlyn and her friends are preparing for what may be the most difficult battle of their lives. They are confident that they can defeat the demon crossbreed and his father but what will happen when Shanaran’s power takes godlike proportions? Will Godar be able to hold his own against him, or will Ethan have to sacrifice his life to save Drasura and Tarenien?

Book 4: Tarenian Blood No Rest for the Dead (working title)

Fifteen sun cycles have passed, fifteen long cycles of mourning the death of those closest to Nevlyn. The young queen is ready to change her life, ready to make a careful step towards new happiness, when the dark news of a tomb robbing reach her. Naranor’s corpse has been taken–to what end? With her closest advisor gone, Nevlyn finds herself confused and helpless, and the pain of the past catches up to her faster than she expected. When she finds Shanaran’s corpse missing as well, Tessa becomes a suspect, but what Nevlyn learns in heaven troubles her more than anything: A war is brewing, and Rynsiantal is facing not one, not two, but three enemies on three different fronts. Nevlyn can’t imagine things getting worse, until a fourth menace appears. What does fate have in store for her this time? Will her pain ever end? Afraid and with a torn heart, Nevlyn faces a hardship she can not go through on her own. But who will be there to aid her?


Rynsiantal is disappearing, swallowed by the void. Why or how this is happening, nobody knows, but with only one island left, onto which Godar has fled with his grandson Lodryn, protecting their little space for as long as he can, Lodryn wants nothing more than to hear about Godar’s life. With over nine thousand years on his back, Godar has a lot to tell. Beginning right from when he was but a boy, he tells of his discovery of magic, his visions, his search for love, his victories as well as his losses and mistakes. Godar was a hero in his early years. How did this hero fall?


1 Response to Fantasy Series: Tarenian Blood

  1. maccabros says:

    If you are a writer,
    I am a poet,
    Both of us authors,
    Breathing in thoughts.

    Wonderful magic,
    Novel and Lyric,
    Diving in Sentences,
    Heart over swords.

    Building adventures,
    Creating the novels,
    Sleeping with butterflies,
    the night and my foughts…

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